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My brand is known for its Chic & Sophisticated styles and professionalism. I’ve developed a successful brand presence by simply performing a Brand Audit. By performing the audit I was able to get clear on my target audience and create content that resonates with my audience. Which in return has increased my content engagement by 85%.

The Brand Audit has helped me gain over 46k + followers and over 500k views a week. Using my knowledge on branding and marketing I will help you create a successful brand presence just like I did.

Audits are essential to every business. As our business changes so does the brand. Having a brand audit performed helps you gain clarity on what’s working and what isn’t, insights on your audience, your brand fonts and colors to help you develop a consistent brand theme. Having a well defined brand will help build credibility and trust.

When booking an audit session with me, you will receive a detailed brand analysis, action plans and next steps you'd need to take to set you up for success. 

Your Audit Session includes:

  • 1-on-1 Support from Prissy 
  • Detailed analysis covering your brand aesthetics and performance 
  • Action steps you can implement right away to see results 


To get started, add this item to your cart and check out! 


After I submit my questionnaire, what’s the next step?

Once your order has been received, within 7 business days I will begin auditing. We will communicate via e-mail throughout the session.

When will I receive my audit?

Audits will be completed within 7 business days.


Can I reschedule my session?

If you need to reschedule your session, I required a 24 hr courtesy notice to reschedule. You must reschedule your session within two weeks.


Refund Policy

I do not offer refunds on any sessions. It is within your decision to decided whether or not you are ready to fully commit. It's my goal to bring in 100% so that you can leave with 1000%.  

If you need further assistance before making your purchase please send me a quick e-mail to