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If you're a Boutique Owner who is struggling to make sales, needs help styling your inventory in fashionably ways that will attract more customers or you just want to stand out more. Then this membership is designed for you. 

As your Brand Stylist I will be responsible for designing and creating attractive visual style-boards for your business and/or styling your Brand Model on a monthly basis. 

Having me as your Brand Stylist will help your brand stand out more in a fashionably way. Which in return will attract more customers. 

The purpose of a Brand Stylist is to help your business attract shoppers, clients and consistent customers. Investing in a great stylist is crucial retail strategy that will maximize the overall aesthetics of your products but it will also draw in those customers to shop and close in on a sale. Having a nice pair of statement heels, fashionably styled with most definitely increase sales. 

This package is for boutique owners who would like for Prissy to style their inventory.  There are two memberships to choose from:

Visual Merchandiser I: Membership includes styling products into a style board. (as seen on instagram)  All products must be on a white background and clear. Additional fees may apply for editing photos.

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Membership Tier (number of products styled per month)

Brand Stylist Elite (5) $125

Brand Stylist Exclusive (15) $200

Brand Stylist  Luxury (25) $399

* We will receive a form to fill out your business details.


Visual Merchandiser II: Membership includes styling Model in your inventory for photoshoot. Number of styles includes putting together full outfit with your inventory. Model consultation is required. * You will be responsible for purchasing any additional items to complete look. 

Membership Tier (number of styles per month)

Brand  Stylist Elite (5) $ 225

Brand  Stylist Exclusive (15) $675

Brand Stylist Luxury (25) $1125

*After enrollment is completed, you will receive a form to fill out to get started. 

Cancel Anytime.

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